the website design process

Website creation is a collaborative process between the client and the designer.  My approach to the WordPress website design process typically includes a series of steps, outlined as follows:

  • Meet with the client to discuss his/her business or project, and what the website should aim to accomplish. It is very important to establish a good rapport with a client so that I can gain a deep understanding of what his or her needs are. Sometimes we will meet in person, but such meetings can often occur over the phone or during a “screen sharing” conversation, depending on the client’s preferences;
  • As part of the “getting to know you” process I will suggest that a client complete a “Website Wishlist” which will be helpful in fleshing out the specific goals for the site and the desired website features and plugins that will be necessary to achieve those goals. In addition, the wishlist will provide insight as to the clients’ style and aesthetic preferences;
  • Domain name purchase and web hosting may also be included as part of this process. If the client already owns a domain at another hosting site, a transfer or a migration may be necessary once the site has been completed;
  • Once the client and I have confirmed that we are in agreement as to the scope of the website, we will determine a pricing structure and a reasonable timeline for the project;
  • The client will be able to view the developing site at various intervals throughout its development,  and will have the opportunity to offer input as part of the collaborative process;
  • The site will be structured with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a primary goal in order for the site to get indexed by Google in a timely manner and yield above average search results;
  • If desired by client, I will add Google tracking code to the site and monitor ongoing site activity using Google Analytics.
  • Once the website has been approved by the client, the project will be deemed complete; 
  • If ongoing monitoring and maintainance of the website is desired, then the client and I will make such arrangements, as discussed in the following section.