website wishlist

Whenever I meet with a potential website client, I encourage him/her to complete the following Website Wishlist. This process is helpful, not only to me, but it also enables clients to really think about how they would like their site to look and function, and how their site can be a powerful tool to help them to achieve their goals.

Please don’t be intimidated by the length of the form. It is actually very easy to fill out and won’t take long at all. However, if you would prefer to have me complete this form for you via a phone conversation or an in-person meeting, that is certainly always an option. If forms are just not your “thing”, no problem. Just show me a couple of websites that you really like, and that can be a really good way to launch into this process!

(Items marked with an asterisk are required).


I would like to purchase a domain with the following name, or something similar, if available: